Ken & Lawrence standing in front of the Detector Wall!




Kenny bought his first metal detector in the winter of 1969. He and his trapping partner, Archie Sanders had been reading treasure magazines for months. They both had full-time jobs, but they trapped muskrats and other fur animals from the nearby pond and lakes in their spare time to earn extra spending money. They had a goal that winter. They wanted to sell enough furs to purchase a metal detector. But, No way, said (Kens wife) Mona..YOU HAVE TO BUY TWO.  They sold enough to buy two.




In January 1970, one of Ken's first hunt outings was at the old church they attended regularly..The very first outing he was a quarter in the hole..He lost the quarter his father, Wayne was using to test the detector to make sure it was working...The next time out, he did find his first coin, but the ground was frozen and he had taken an axe to dig with...He got the signal and began to chop..You can guess what happened????  His first mercury dime was chopped into pieces..Yes..He cut his first coin in half!!!




Ken and Mona decided to open a shop and sell metal detectors in February 1972. They cleaned out the attached garage and started the business.. Mona ran the business during the day, and Ken took over when he got home from his regular job in the evening. A few years later, Ken decided to build a small shop next door to the house to sell his detectors in....Through many additions to the small shop and many changes in detectors later.....the business is still continuing.....Ken and Mona are semi-retired..Ken works on Tuesday and Saturday.. Angela & Ron work the rest of the week--keeping things going. We still sell all the major metal detectors and hunting supplies.. We buy and sell coins, and gold and silver jewelry, too.  We sell a lot of items on Ebay, also.


This truly is a family business!!  Check us out!



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