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Nokta The Legend (No Headphones)

Nokta The Legend (No Headphones)

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The Legend, the newest metal detector from Nokta. With Simultaneous Multi-Frequency, you can now see even more treasure right beneath your feet. Don't worry about missing the gold while you hunt for relics, because the Legend does it all. A carbon fiber lower shaft gives you added stability and takes a little weight off you while you detect for hours. At only 3lbs, you won't have trouble toting around this detector, particularly since it collapses to 25". And a removable, rechargeable battery pack will let you do just that, detect for hours and still have a spare battery (only one standard battery is included with this detector, the extended battery back spare is only included with The Legend Pro Pack ) to keep you digging up treasures. A fully waterproof metal detector up to 10ft or 3m with vibration mode lets you get in the water and still feel every signal that your detector is catching. The flashlight that is standard with the Simplex + comes with the Legend as well so you can always be sure to spot the gold or silver even at night. Whether you prefer to look for coins, jewelry or relics, the Simultaneous Multi-Frequency will not leave you disappointed.

Two new time features will make sure you don’t lose track of the hours you are detecting. You can check the time via the display and you can also track all the time you detect with The Legend. Also a great feature for re-selling your detector — although why you would ever sell your Nokta Legend.

SMF - Simultaneous Multi Frequency

  • 2 Multi and 5 Single Frequencies (4/10/15/20/40khz)

  • Ferrocheck - Detect Less Modern Trash!

  • 4 Search Modes - Park, Field, Beach, Goldfield

  • Built-In Clock and Time Tracking

  • IP68 - Waterproof Up To 10 feet (3 meters)

  • Shaft retracts down to 25" (63 cm) for easy transport and underwater use.

  • Carbon Fiber Lower Shaft

Nokta The Legend Waterproof Metal Detector WHP Package Contents:

  • Waterproof DD Search Coil 30cm x 23cm / 12" x 9" (LG30) 

  • USB Charging & Data Cable